A downloadable project

I am currently trying to fund this interactive movie/game by a pay what you want model.

Basically...inspired by games such as Wario Ware, Goat Simulator and Octodad. Although the game will include storied missions and a mini hubworld for player to traverse to, before and after the main story/crime missions.

It is also inspired by the siliness of QWOP and Surgeon Simulator

However, the game is not a straight comedy(at least not right now)

The story centers around the daily live of Detective Campbell and this time around particularly, he is having a crappy time. He is investigating a child kidnapping case. The game will explore the dark side of humanity and the state of Campbell's heart.

There will be more then one type of mini game besides the separate story missions. This will include different type of mechanics.

This build shows some of the mechanis of the game/interactive movie.

#This is an early build though...the hubworld and several stuffs are not completed yet.

Pay what you want for it


****** PROJECT IS ON HOLD ********